Getting Immigration Bond

Convincing an immigration judge to grant a reasonable bond has become as important as the immigration case itself. Unlike criminal bonds, immigration bonds are not automatically given and usually are obtained through a contested hearing in front of the judge. Judges are permitted to consider a variety of factors in determining whether or not to grant an immigration bond including but not limited to: 

a) whether the applicant has a fixed address in the U.S;

b) length of residence in the U.S.; 

c) local family ties and whether the ties may entitle the applicant to reside in the U.S.;

d) record of appearances in court;

e) employment history or lack of employment;

f) criminal history;

g) prior immigration violations;

h) manner of entry;

i) membership in community organizations;

j) financial ability to post bond.

When a loved one is in deportation proceedings it's important to give them the best immigration lawyer they can when fighting for a bond because the contested hearing is likely only going to happen once. This firm has successfully obtained bonds in Houston, Livingston and Conroe for individuals charged with DWI, Assault, Public Intoxication, Possession of Marijuana and more. Contact our office today for a free consultation. 

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