License Consequences

One of the biggest issues that people don't realize after they get arrested is the potential driver's license ramifications if you are convicted of certain offenses. This is an area that confuses a lot of attorneys who have not had extensive exposure. Additionally, there are certain situations where you don't even have to be convicted and your license could be suspended. 



In Texas, in your first alcohol-related refusing to provide a peace officer with a blood sample will result in an automatic 180 days license suspension, compared to if your sample has an alcohol concentration level of .08 or more, your license would be suspended for 90 days. Depending on the result of the case your license could be suspended up to a year for your first offense. 

ANY Drug Offense

This is what ends up tricking most people. In Texas, even if you're not driving when you were arrested, if you are convicted of any drug offense, your license will be suspended for 180 days.


If charged with a crime it's pivotal to get an experienced attorney that understands these pitfalls and can make sure to get you back on the road. Contact our office today for a free consultation. 

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